EXCLUSIVE: Eli Craig talks Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil sequel possibility

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

The wonderfully entertaining TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL doesn’t come out theatrically until SEPTEMBER 30th (AUGUST 26th On Demand), but that’s not stopping director Eli Craig from thinking “sequel”. And it’s a good thing, too: This movie is crazy fun, and it practically squeals out for a follow-up.

My podcast co-host Ammon Gilbert and I just had a chat with Mr. Craig, and talked a good long while about this gory hillbilly romp. While you’ll have to wait until next week to hear the entire conversation, it’s the sequel talk that I wanted to shine a light on.

“The scenario we have right now is Tucker and Dale go to Yale,” Craig told us. “They go to Yale and then all the college kids think they’re killers. Mayhem ensues.”

“We have a treatment for it and we’re super excited to start writing it.”

Craig went on to say that he’s also focusing on another horror-comedy as well; for right now, however, he’s just hoping the wide release of TUCKER & DALE goes well. Thanks to how bloody enjoyable it is, I think most will agree that TUCKER & DALE GO TO YALE is a must!

Listen for the full interview with Eli Craig when it hits next week, only on the next ARROW IN THE HEAD PODCAST!

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