Exclusive look inside The Art of Jock from Insight Editions!

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

Insight Editions is a publishing house that has been putting out some truly great stuff in the last couple of years. From The Weyland-Yutani Report (peek inside that book HERE) to the Art of The Strain (take a look HERE), their beautifully illustrated offerings are sure to satisfy geeks and art lovers alike. Their latest will definitely be eye-candy to both camps: The Art of Jock, which delves into the superlative work of artist Mark Simpson, aka Jock.

If you don’t know Jock, well, you don’t know jack. (Sorry, had to do it.) Jock is a major comics illustrator and poster designer, having worked with everyone from DC Comics to Mondo. He also works behind the scenes with a handful of major directors as a concept artist, having contributed to looks of DREDD, EX MACHINA and the upcoming STAR WARS EPISODE VIII.

The Art of Jock includes over 150 pages of gorgeous art from Jock, as well as words of wisdom from the man himself; he talks about his involvement in dozens of projects, as well as the inspiration behind some of his most incredible pieces. Today we’re happy to share a handful of pages from the book, all of them devoted to Jock’s work on posters for Mondo.

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THE ART OF JOCK comes out on September 20th; pre-order your copy HERE!

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