Expendables 3 director takes aim at The Raid remake

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Gareth Huw Evans' THE RAID is one of the very best action films to hit the screen in quite some time, and its follow-up, THE RAID 2, looks to be on par if not better than the first. So it's not at all surprising that we are seeing news of a remake already. According to The Wrap, THE EXPENDABLES 3 director Patrick Hughes is in negotiations to direct THE RAID remake for Screen Gems and XYZ films.

The script was written by OUT OF THE FURNACE scribe Brad Inglesby, and apparently they've already got their eyes set on one of the Hemsworth brothers as the possible lead. Which one? They don't say exactly, but I think it's safe to assume it will be Thor because that guy is good with a hammer, right? The remake will follow a similar storyline as the original, but the interesting factor is going to be how these Hollywood folks handle the downright brutal fight scenes. Evans' film was fueled by the intensity from its actors, so they better find a guy who's prepared to get his ass kicked… a lot.

The original RAID followed an Indonesian S.W.A.T. team tasked with storming a building where a violent gangster and his thugs reign over innocent residents. One young cop has a mission of his own – to rescue his drug-dealing brother from the chaos inside.

XYZ Films will produce with Gareth Huw Evans, who directed THE RAID and its ambitious sequel THE RAID 2, which hits theaters in March.

Source: The Wrap

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