Finn Wolfhard says The Turning has a great ’90s soundtrack

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

I have enjoyed Finn Wolfhard's performances in the IT films and the Netflix series Stranger Things, but I never realized how cool the kid actually is until I listened to him have a conversation with Kevin Smith on the latest episode of Smith's podcast SModcast. Wolfhard really impressed me during their 80 minute conversation, proving that he's the real deal – a talented actor and an aspiring director who has done his cinematic homework.

In the middle of that conversation, Wolfhard dropped an interesting tidbit of information about the haunted house thriller THE TURNING, which will be reaching theatres this Friday, January 24th.

Directed by Floria Sigismondi from a screenplay written by Jade Bartlett, Chad Hayes, and Carey Hayes, THE TURNING is "a loose adaptation" of the Henry James novella The Turn of the Screw, which also famously served as the inspiration for the 1961 film THE INNOCENTS. The story is set in 

a mysterious estate in the Maine countryside, where newly appointed nanny Kate is charged with the care of two disturbed orphans, Flora and Miles. Quickly though, she discovers that both the children and the house are harboring dark secrets and things may not be as they appear.

Sigismondi has previously said that the story is set in the 1990s, and according to Wolfhard that setting brings some good music into the film. When Smith asked him if THE TURNING's setting is "period or current", Wolfhard replied, 

It's set in the '90s. They don't ever say that it's the '90s, it's technically period. It's a great soundtrack, they have some great '90s music in it."

I have to admit, the fact that the story takes place closer to 1990 than to 2020 does boost my interest in this movie.

Wolfhard described THE TURNING as "kind of" a haunted house story:

Mackenzie Davis, who's amazing, plays our governess, who's kind of the babysitter… She comes in and really weird things start happening to her in the house and you don't really know if it's happening or if she's imagining it."

Wolfhard and Davis are joined in the cast by Joely Richardson. and Brooklyn Prince. THE TURNING was produced by Roy Lee and Scott Bernstein.

Source: SModcast

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