Found footage vampire tale The Black Water Vampire coming to DVD in January

Last Updated on July 22, 2021

It certainly seems that Bill Oberst Jr. is the busiest actor in the horror genre, piling up an impressive number of roles over the past few years and making quite the name for himself in our beloved genre. And for good reason: the guy can deliver some truly memorable performances. Last week alone we reported on two upcoming Oberst-starring flicks, sharing with you a NSFW clip from the arthouse horror COYOTE and bringing you 2 new posters for the twisted-looking CIRCUS OF THE DEAD. Hey…I'm a fan of the guy, so I say the more Oberst Jr. we can get, the better.

Today we have a look at another upcoming project for the hardest working actor in the horror biz, a found footage vampire flick titled THE BLACK WATER VAMPIRE, which RLJ/Image Entertainment will be dropping on DVD on January 21, 2014.

Jesse Baget (BREATHLESS, CELLMATES) wrote and produced the film under his Ruthless Pictures banner with Evan Tramel directing. In addition to Bill Oberst, Jr., the film stars Danielle Lozeau (THE EYE, LEGION), Andrea Monier (ARE YOU SCARED 2), Robin Steffen (THE LACKEY), and Anthony Fanelli.

Check out the trailer below, which looks like it could actually be quite a shocker!


Source: Arrow In The Head

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