Fox cancels Sleepy Hollow

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

Well, this is too bad. I guess. It seems FOX had gone ahead (get it?) and canceled the TV series SLEEPY HOLLOW after four seasons.

This comes after the series' fourth season was the lowest-rated season the show ever had – even with a shorter order this time around with 13 episodes, down from the 18 episode season that preceded it. The show's ratings plummet in season four, averaging a mere 1.9 million total viewersdown 37% from season three.

Personally, I watched the first season and then couldn't get into the second. It was fun while it lasted but the thought of having to watch this series weekly and grow to care about it was something I decided to opt out of.

That said, from what I have heard the series was already losing its fans after showrunner Mark Goffman left and star Nicole Beharie headed off (get it??) after the end of season three. The fact that the series was not so well-regarded any longer makes sense to me considering the two lead characters' chemistry was a big drawn to the series.

Again, oh well. SLEEPY HOLLOW, after all, wasn't the only FOX series to get the axe (get it???) recently. ROSEWOOD and PITCH were also left with their heads rolling. No word on if SCREAM QUEENS will see a third season yet… But I'll keep you guys up to date on anything I hear regarding that series.

What do you think of SLEEPY HOLLOW and/or its cancellation?

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Katia Winter

Source: Variety

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