Harley Quinn Smith joins Kevin Smith on the set of KillRoy Was Here

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

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Last June, we shared the news that director Kevin Smith (RED STATE, TUSK, YOGA HOSERS) was in production on a horror anthology titled KILLROY WAS HERE. The plan was to start shooting the film in Sarasota, Florida at that time, take a break, then return to Sarasota to complete the film around the end of the year. That plan has obviously worked out, as Smith has taken to his Twitter account to share a picture from KILLROY WAS HERE, now back in production.

Featured in this image is Smith's daughter Harley Quinn Smith, who had prominent roles in both TUSK and YOGA HOSERS (pictured above), as well as Smith's segment of the HOLIDAYS anthology.

Written by Smith and Andy McElfresh, KILLROY WAS HERE was originally announced under the title COMES THE KRAMPUS, or alternatively ANTI-CLAUS. After Michael Dougherty's KRAMPUS beat their film to the screen, Smith and McElfresh decided to replace the Krampus with KillRoy, a baby-eating monster that lives in the swamps of Florida, inspired by the "Kilroy Was Here" graffiti of a bald man with a large nose peeking over a wall.

Smith has described KillRoy as being like "the Golem, the Boogeyman, and the Grim Reaper combined", and the character has a back story: he was a soldier working special ops during the Vietnam War when something went terribly wrong.

At one time (back in the Krampus days), Smith had been planning to co-direct the anthology with multiple collaborators and announced the titles of the segments: 

Andy McElfresh will direct the “The Krampus vs. The 3rd Grade” episode (SO f*cked up), Jason Mewes (yes – THAT Jason Mewes) will direct the “Hitler’s Krampus” episode (twisted period piece), I will direct the “Mask Maker” episode (the Gothic horror piece), Carol Banker will direct the “The Proposal” episode (which is f*cking nuts), and Jennifer Schwalbach will direct “The Bad Babysitter” – which is the framing device that holds the whole mess together. 

It's not clear how the segments have changed since then, although we do know that the segment involving Hitler has been dropped.

Looking at the picture from the set, I suspect this could be from the "Bad Babysitter" segment, with Harley Quinn Smith as the babysitter… but we'll have to wait to find out for sure.

Source: Twitter

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