A "9" sequel?

Our own JimmyO, the man with the Stache, the hat and the plan recently broke bread with the director of the upcoming animated trip flick "9" SHANE ACKER and here's what the latter had to say about a potential sequel.

Is there room to continue the story of 9?
I think there is definitely room. I mean, the way we end the film, there is a slight suggestion that it may be a new beginning. And I think we could continue the journey from where we left off and see how these creatures are existing in a world in which the natural environment is coming back and perhaps even threatening them in some way. Do they make the decision to not affect it, or do they try to affect it in some way? And do they still try to hold on to that humanity within them or do they recognize themselves at being machines too and go off on a different trajectory? So there's lots of idea that I think that we could play with and make another story out of.

9 was produced by dudes on top of their film game Timur Bekmambetov and Tim Burton. It opens on September 9, 2009 and you can check out its TRAILER here!

Come on Burton! Produce a feature about this doodle unhinged!

Extra Tidbit: I hate animated features... I avoid them like an STD on 2 legs... but I may break for "9".
Source: AITH



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