Abduction thriller Rabbit, zombie movie Cargo head to Finance Market

Over the weekend, sales agents gathered at the Melbourne International Film Festival's 37º South Market to vote on which projects in development they felt should be able to attend the Production Finance Market in the UK this October, and two of the three projects they're sending there may be of interest to genre fans.

The top vote-getter was RABBIT, from producer David Ngo and writer/director Luke Shanahan. A psychological thriller Ngo describes as being in the vein of LET THE RIGHT ONE IN and ROSEMARY'S BABY, the film will tell of 

a girl's search for her abducted twin sister.

Abbey Lee (pictured below) and Alex Russell are attached to star. 

The second genre project to win a place at the Finance Market is CARGO, from writer Yolanda Ramke and producers Kristina Ceyton (pictured above) and Russell Ackerman. CARGO is "a post-apocalyptic aboriginal zombie movie", and if another one of those exists, I've never heard of it. The story follows

a father who has 48 hours to find a new home for his 12-month-old daughter before he turns into a zombie.

Ceyton, who earned her first producing credit with the awesome THE BABADOOK, described the idea as "28 DAYS LATER meets BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD". Ramke will co-direct the film with Ben Howling.

These sound like a couple of very interesting projects to me, I hope all will go well for them at the Production Finance Market.

Extra Tidbit: Do RABBIT and/or CARGO interest you?
Source: ScreenDaily



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