Actor David Hewlett will Debug horror

Actor David Hewlett is no stranger to the sci-fi/horror genre as he's worked on films like CUBE, SPLICE, RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES and the upcoming HAUNTER. This time, however, Hewlett plans on taking his talents behind the camera as Shock Till You Drop got word that he will be directing DEBUG. Its got a pretty cool sci-fi vibe going on. Check out the plot:

The film concerns six young computer hackers who are sent to work on a derelict space freighter and are forced to match wits with a vengeful artificial intelligence that would kill to be human.

It may not be much to chew on right now but it's certainly something that sounds pretty interesting. The idea of a computer wanting to become human and doing everything in its power to do just that is pretty terrifying — especially considering the digital age we live in today.

Hewlett previously directed RAGE OF THE YETI and production for DEBUG is set to take place on February 14th through March 8th at Pinewood Toronto Studios.

Delphine Chaneac (SPLICE)

Extra Tidbit: How does DEBUG sound to you guys?



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