Al Pacino and Karl Urban track a serial killer in Hangman trailer

Hangman Johnny Martin Karl Urban Brittany Snow Al Pacino

Al Pacino has gotten very old. That's my primary take-away from the trailer for his latest film, the serial killer thriller HANGMAN. I have trouble believing that he's as active as his character is supposed to be, and also have trouble understanding the lines he delivers here, although the volume at which "House of the Rising Sun" is playing on the soundtrack doesn't help matters.

I'm thinking Pacino should put his days of playing tough-guy cops behind him, but maybe director Johnny Martin's HANGMAN will be a solid swan song to that part of his career.

Written by Michael Caissie and Charles Huttinger, the film centers on 

a decorated homicide detective and a criminal profiler who collaborate to catch a serial killer who’s terrorizing a city with a macabre version of the children’s game Hangman. 

Pacino is the detective, Karl Urban plays the criminal profiler, and Brittany Snow co-stars as a crime journalist covering the investigation. Also in the cast are Joe Anderson and Sarah Shahi.

A release date for HANGMAN hasn't been announced yet, but you can watch the trailer right now: 

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