Alexander Skarsgard reacts to seeing his little brother Bill as Pennywise

This sure as sh*t wasn't my reaction when I first saw new Pennywise.

I don't know how many of you out there know or not but the new Pennywise in STEPHEN KING'S IT is played by an actor named Bill Skarsgard. Oh, you knew that? How about this; Bill is the younger brother of TRUE BLOOD actor Alexander Skarsgard. Oh, you knew that too, huh? Well, hell.

Anyhow, The Wrap recently pulled a delightful prank on the elder Skarsgard and told him he was going to be given a Rorschach test on camera and they were going to record his reactions. Knowing they were up to something, Big-ish Skarsgard (Big Skarsgard is reserved for their father Stellan Skarsgard) was reluctant to look at the image.

But upon checking inside the envelope and finding a horrific picture of his little brother Bill in full nope makeup, his reaction isn't quite what mine would have been.

You can check out the rather cute video below and let us know what your reaction would be if that was YOUR little brother playing The Dancing Clown. Or just let us know if you, you know, like this video or not. Whichever. Just drop us a comment on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

STEPHEN KING'S IT crawls out of the sewers and into our nightmares September 8th.

Lorenza Izzo co-starred with little Skarsgard in HEMLOCK GROVE.

Extra Tidbit: "Aww, so cute" my ass!!!
Source: The Wrap



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