AMC launching a stand-alone Fear the Walking Dead web series

When it comes to The Walking Dead, AMC is not done going back before the shit really hit the fan. As you know, the network recently aired the first episode of Fear the Walking Dead, which acts as something of a prequel to the original series. Now they're planning something of a prequel to the prequel.

Via EW we learn AMC is producing a half-hour special that will tell a stand-alone story following a group of passengers facing a walker attack on an airline while in flight. One character who survives will then join the cast of Fear the Walking Dead in season 2, which AMC has already committed to.

The special will debut online, and will unfold in chapters that will air during The Walking Dead’s on-air telecasts. As EW puts it: "You’re watching The Walking Dead, AMC cuts to commercial break, then you get a chapter in the as-yet-untitled stand-alone airline attack drama."

Further details are scarce, so we don't know just how many episodes this will be, nor do we know anything regarding the story (aside from the airplane bit). It's an intriguing experiment, and if it pays off, it could signal further crossovers with different forms of media. (You'll recall there was Walking Dead web series a few years ago, but it arrived with more of a whimper than a bang.)

More details on this as they come in...

Extra Tidbit: Sounds a bit like FLIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (pictured above).
Source: EW



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