Amityville: The Awakening debuts new poster; no longer rated R?


I'm sure after over a year of delays, we're all a bit curious to finally get a look at Dimension's AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING. But this new poster isn't quite the new look we were hoping for. 

Made up to look like an Instagram pic, the one-sheet is clearly aiming directly for the "kids," which indicates it might not be the return to Amityville horror hounds would have hoped for. The fact that the poster debuted on Marie Claire is another red flag. Also curious: The film had previously been rated R for "strong horror violence and for language", but according to the poster it doesn't have a rating. Are there efforts to bring it down to a PG-13 afoot?

Belle, her little sister, and her comatose twin brother move into a new house with their single mother Joan in order to save money to help pay for her brother’s expensive healthcare. But when strange phenomena begin to occur in the house including the miraculous recovery of her brother, Belle begins to suspect her Mother isn’t telling her everything and soon realizes they just moved into the infamous Amityville house.

Jennifer Jason Leigh, Bella Thorne, McKenna Grace, Cameron Monaghan, Taylor Spreitler, Thomas Mann, and Jennifer Morrison star in AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING, which opens April 1st. Click on the poster to see a bigger version.


Extra Tidbit: Fun fact: I count 16 executive producers in the credits. Wow.
Source: Marie Claire



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