Anchor Bay acquires Fear Clinic

The feature film version of FEAR CLINIC is moving along quite nicely as the Robert Englund and Fiona Dourif starring horror flick has just been acquired by Anchor Bay. According to THR, the acquisition deal includes theatrical, VOD, digital, and Blu-ray/DVD rights. Still now word on a release date just yet, but it is expected to be out sometime in late 2014 so we've still got plenty of waiting ahead of us on this one. I never caught the horror series when it began back in 2009 via FearNet, but it's definitely an intriguing concept that should make for a solid feature. Englund was, is and always will be one of the most entertaining performers in the genre and I can't wait to see what he has in store for horror fans.

Robert Hall is directing the flick which centers on a fear doctor (played by Robert Englund) who attempts to cure patients suffering from crippling phobias by placing them inside his exposure therapy invention, the Fear Chamber, where he induces and controls hallucinations. Dourif plays Sara Falls, a young woman who seeks the help of Dr. Andover after her phobias begin to reemerge. Also starring is Thomas Dekker who is set to play Blake Patton, a disabled man who is brought into the clinic after surviving a terrible tragedy.

The film opens with a tragedy that launches five people into the public eye and enlists Dr. Andover to lend his expertise to help them overcome trauma-induced phobias. A year later, terrifying 'aftershocks' rattle the survivors, leading to them finding their way back to the fear clinic seeking answers. As they line up for another turn in the chamber, Dr. Andover believes that something more sinister may be at work.

The film also stars Angelina Armani, Kevin Gage and Cleopatra Coleman.

Extra Tidbit: Did any of you guys catch the series? Was it any good?
Source: THR



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