Black Rock clip shows the calm before the storm

Katie Aselton's survival-thriller BLACK ROCK opens next week, and to help get you prepared we've got a new clip to share with you. In the clip, which you'll see below, our three lovely protagonists (Lake Bell, Kate Bosworth and Aselton), have already arrived on the secluded island they're familiar with from their childhood. They plan on seeking out a time capsule planted many years ago, but what they don't know is that their weekend plans are about to get altered in a great big way. (Well, not so "great" for them, actually.)

The synopsis:

Three young women -- Sarah (Kate Bosworth), Abby (Katie Aselton) and Lou (Lake Bell) -- get together for a private campout at one of the iconic settings of their childhood, an empty island off the coast of Maine, to renew their bond of sisterhood. They quickly learn, though, that the island is anything but empty, when they encounter three recently-returned servicemen, who have come to the island to hunt. A misunderstanding quickly turns to tragedy, and the three women soon find themselves the targets of the hunt. What started as a simple getaway to recall old times is now a race for survival as three ordinary woman must find extraordinary strength in order to beat the odds against violence and the elements.

BLACK ROCK opens on May 17th.

Lake Bell

Extra Tidbit: Are you excited to get stranded with these gals?



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