Blood Feast remake edited down to R-rating for theatrical release

The last word we shared in regards to the upcoming remake of Herschell Gordon Lewis' splatter classic BLOOD FEAST was that the flick was getting a theatrical release this summer and we shared with you guys an all new poster (which you can find below).

Since then the word has been quiet on the BLOOD FEAST remake side of things. Until today, that is. Today we learned that the flick is set to hit over 500 US markets on over 7300 screens in the US and over 160 locations in Canada.

Good for you, BLOOD FEAST remake! What sucks, however, is that it looks like the mucho gory movie is going to have to be edited down to a much more multiplex-friendly R-rating in some areas.

Hannover House CEO, Eric Parkinson:

Some markets are unable to screen an unrated film. The decision to seek the MPAA rating for Blood Feast was tailored after a similar development impacted the Lionsgate release of Saw a few years back. The film has been very modestly edited to conform to the film rating standard that should make it accessible to a larger audience.

Director Marcel Walz:

On the one hand, I felt bad that an already announced date was shifted again and again. But in fact, it was the best that could happen to Blood Feast and horror fans in North America. 

So there you have it, BLOOD FEAST will be edited in some markets but not others. We will let you guys know as soon as we know which markets will be carrying which versions of the final flick, but until then let us know what you think of BLOOD FEAST Remake on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

BLOOD FEAST is set for a Halloween home video release - which we can only HOPE will be the unrated/uncut version - and then there is a planned VOD release in January 2018.

Before that though, the film hits theaters July 28th.

Extra Tidbit: Are you excited for the remake of BLOOD FEAST?
Source: Comingsoon.net



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