Blumhouse's Halloween movie might nab Hush, Oculus director

Halloween Blumhouse Mike Flanagan

The talk of the town this morning has been Blumhouse's aquisition of the HALLOWEEN franchise and their new movie, which is being produced by John Carpenter himself. Rumors have been flying and it's best - as always - to take them with a grain of salt, but here's one that I'm inclined to believe:

According to the good folks over at Bloody Disgusting, Blumhouse stalwart Mike Flanagan is in talks to helm Michael Myers' next rampage in the unlucky town of Haddonfield. Flanagan has a good track record with the company, helming the psychologically twisted OCULUS and the generic but thrilling cat-and-deaf-mouse flick HUSH. He will also headline OUIJA 2 and BEFORE I WAKE (the latter is not a Blumhouse pic) before the end of the year.

And while hardcore HALLOWEEN fans might be nervous about the decidedly teen-oriented company handling the property, they have certainly proved themselves capable of pumping out sequels and allowing creators a pretty decent amount of artistic freedom, which will at least allow HALLOWEEN to circulate. Even if this newest pic is a dud, the fact that it's being made will grease the wheel for even more Michael Myers mayhem. And Flanagan has proven himself as a promising director, even if he hasn't yet made an out-and-out masterpiece.

More details as this story breaks!

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