Doug Jones included in Ouija 2's newest casting cull

OUIJA 2 is really picking up steam, announcing another generous slate of performers to join the already cast Henry Thomas, Lulu Wilson, Elizabeth Reaser, and Annalise Basso. Along with Parker Mack (Faking It), Kate Siegel (OCULUS), Sam Anderson (FORREST GUMP), OUIJA 2 will also be boasting a performance from del Toro horror icon Doug Jones (PAN'S LABYRINTH, HELLBOY).

Maybe the gravitas he lends to the production will help it be scary whenever somebody says "planchette," which is the least intimidating word ever created. Another interesting thing about this casting announcement is that there is still a major lack of teenybopper presence. Mack and Basso are the only cast members of high school age, which would either indicate that OUIJA 2 is going a different route with its storyline or that they just haven't announced the teens yet because they're green performers that nobody cares about. We'll find out next year!

Peek through the planchette when OUIJA 2 hits theaters on Oct. 21, 2016.

Doug Jones
Extra Tidbit: Do you think OUIJA 2 will be another teenybopper fright flick or something more adult and interesting?
Source: Deadline



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