Lulu Wilson and E.T.'s Henry Thomas to play with Ouija 2

OUIJA 2 was always going to be a thing, but Universal was taking its sweet time getting it together. Now they're getting serious about it, announcing director Mike Flanagan (OCULUS) and leading actress Annalise Basso (also OCULUS), joined by TWILIGHT's Elizabeth Reaser, who will almost certainly play somebody's mom because she's over the age of 20.

In another effort to dig in their roots and really cement in that this film is happening, two more cast members have been officially announced: Henry Thomas (Elliot from E.T.) and Lulu Wilson (DELIVER US FROM EVIL).

The median age of this film just imploded. I honestly have no idea how these actors will find a place in the teenybopper narrative, but one can only hope that Thomas uses the ouija board to channel the spirit of Steven Spielberg and make the movie actually awesome.

Solve the age mystery when OUIJA 2 comes out in theaters on Oct. 21, 2016.

Henry Thomas, all grown up
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