47 Meters Down: The Wreck will be launching its sales at the Cannes Market

The 47 Meters Down franchise will soon become a trilogy with the creators coming back with the director of My Bloody Valentine.

47 meters down, the wreck

It’s impressive that despite the massive success of Jaws making its bite mark on pop culture back in 1975, many movies have unapologetically attempted to follow in its footsteps to this very day. One of those films is the 2017 movie 47 Meters Down, which spawned a sequel in 2019, 47 Meters Down: Uncaged. A third movie in the series is now set to swim ashore as 47 Meters Down: The Wreck will be launching its sales campaign at the Cannes Market. Johannes Roberts and screenwriter Ernest Riera return to co-write this new installment, which will be directed by veteran horror director Patrick Lussier, whose credits include My Bloody Valentine.

The plot synopsis for the third entry, per Deadline, reads,
“The story will follow a father who is determined to rebuild his relationship with his daughter as they bond during a scuba dive in beautiful tropical waters while exploring a famous shipwreck. But soon after their descent, their master diver has an accident leaving them alone and unprotected inside the labyrinth of the wreck. As tensions rise and oxygen dwindles, the pair must use their newfound bond to escape the wreck and the relentless barrage of bloodthirsty great white sharks.”

The former director of the first two, Johannes Roberts, says this third one will be the “biggest” in the franchise. Filming on The Wreck is planning to commence in the fall and the casting process is currently moving forward. Byron Allen’s Allen Media Group Motion Pictures (AMGMP) and James Harris and Mark Lane’s Tea Shop Productions are behind the threequel. Producers are James Harris, Mark Lane, and Johannes Roberts. Executive producers are Byron Allen, Carolyn Folks, Jennifer Lucas, Chris Charalambous and Matthew Signer. Allen had released the previous two movies in the U.S. However, a domestic buyer has yet to be set on the third film. The fins will be circling at Cannes.

The first film made our Best Shark Movies Ever Made list, where we said, “S​o not only are you being hunted by a man-eating shark, but you’re also trapped on the ocean floor? Sounds like a nightmare. This is precisely what happens to the two sisters as they go on vacation. They decide to do a cage diving excursion in shark-infested waters, but the cable holding onto the cage snaps. As they settle onto the bottom of the ocean, they see that sharks are starting to appear. Now they only have one hour of air left and can’t leave the cage as the sharks try to wait them out. Can you imagine cage diving and seeing a megalodon just show up like in The Meg 2?”

Source: Deadline

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