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PLOT: Best friends Becky and Hunter find themselves at the top of a 2,000-foot radio tower. They’re determined to get down…or die trying.

REVIEW: After Free Solo took the world by storm in 2018, climbing has had quite the spotlight put on it. So it’s not surprising that someone would take extreme climbing and give it a horror twist. It also makes sense that it would be brought to us by the producers of 47 Meters Down. As someone who wasn’t a big fan of that movie, I was very trepidatious going into Fall, as I feared it’d be similar. And while elements definitely mirror each other, Fall proves to be a much more competent journey.

I know I posted it above, but I really can’t say enough how much you should avoid watching the trailer. Unfortunately it spoils most of the movie, and takes away many of the satisfying moments from the film. Just know that Grace Caroline Currey and Virginia Gardner star as Becky and Hunter and they’re on a mission to climb this tower. Things go wrong in typical horror fashion and they are pushed to their limits. Both actresses are really impressive in their roles. Its never easy to be crying and emotional during an entire movie, but add to it that their actors playground was one location that may as well have been small room, and it’s even more impressive.

Grace Carline Currey looks at her phone for hope as she's stuck at the top of a tower in Fall (2022).

Mason Gooding stars as Dan, Becky’s boyfriend who’s tragic climbing accident sets off the events of the film. He’s becoming such a prominent figure in the horror world and it’s no surprise, given how good his performances are. If you need someone that’s likable in a short time span, Gooding is your guy.

One aspect I really enjoyed is that, the moment the poo hits the fan, the girls aren’t immediately freaking out. And you may be saying: But shouldn’t they be? Yes and no. These are women who are into extreme climbing, so they shouldn’t be panicking right away. Sure, there are some pretty corny moments; the worst offender being the phone of her dead boyfriend being shut off almost a year after he had passed. Oh and only after we’d already seen her call the voicemail successfully earlier in the day. Well thanks for the convenient billing cycle, Verizon!

Unfortunately, it seems as though the producers haven’t learned from the mistakes made with their shark films and repeat many of the same those mistakes here. Rather than just relying on the main scenario for tension, they add in silly dream sequences and moments that really only seem to happen just to take up the runtime. The moment a group of vultures show up, I was practically yelling at the screen to go away. Sometimes the elements are enough conflict. We don’t need some rabid animal included to “heighten the tension.”

Grace Carline Currey and Virginia Gardner are stuck at the top of a tower in Fall (2022).

It’s not exactly a realistic film (they are constantly holding each other up with only one arm) but it’s fun. They do add a little bit of a stereotypical love triangle that doesn’t really work and feels more like the filmmakers trying to add some drama. Instead, it just makes two characters in an already small cast into some really detestable people. I did feel that the third act was a little predictable. While I’m obviously not going to spoil any of that here, if you pay enough attention in the beginning, it’s easy to see where it’s going in the end. But that doesn’t ruin the experience.

While it certainly has its faults, Fall is a tense time at the movies, with tremendous performances from Gardner and Currey. Nearly every minute is rife with tension while still maintaining a fun tone. Add in the beautiful cinematography and it’s a great way to end the summer on a thrill. If you enjoy the 47 Meters Down movies and films like The Ruins, there’s a good chance you’ll be on board. Just make sure you watch your step.

Fall releases to theaters on August 12th, 2022!

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