Bryan Fuller says Alien: Covenant was like a bad Friday the 13th sequel

Most of us know writer/producer Bryan Fuller as the mad genius behind the NBC HANNIBAL series.

That may all change - or better yet - "evolve" into Fuller being known as the man behind the Starz series AMERICAN GODS, based on the novel by Neil Gaiman. Many are saying the series in nothing short of stellar, but I can't say as my time for the last few months, TV-wise, has been sucked into the Black Lodge by TWIN PEAKS.

Anyhow, long story short (too late) Fuller is a well-known and well-respected name in the genre. But get this sh*t he was spitting the other day. Turns out he didn't like ALIEN: COVENANT very much. Or PROMETHEUS. Or any FRIDAY THE 13TH sequel.

Bryan Fuller on ALIEN: COVENANT:

I think the last two movies have had too many similarities to bad ‘Friday the 13th’ sequels and not enough similarities to good ‘Alien’ movies.”

...You see this chest-burster [in ‘Alien’] and how disturbing and snakelike it is, and then the other chest-burster in ‘Alien: Covenant’ is just [a baby alien] standing up. It’s like, ‘He has good posture.'

And just like that, I now have beef with Bryan Fuller. Not a huge grudge mind you, but all the same I don't care for him talking smack about FRIDAY THE 13TH sequels. Even if he is talking about JASON TAKES A CRUISE SHIP. I get where the man is coming from (I guess) but leave it to me - a die hard, kick you in the d*ck FRIDAY THE 13TH fan - to take umbrage with his words. 

But it's all good. The man created HANNIBAL (the TV series) and so gets to say whatever the damn well pleases him. Fair enough. Now I just need to see this AMERICAN GODS show...

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Extra Tidbit: Bryan Fuller wrote the 2002 TV remake of CARRIE.
Source: The Wrap



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