Charles Bronson look-alike stars in action revenge film Death Kiss

Death Kiss Robert Bronzi Kovacs

Actor Robert "Bronzi" Kovacs, who looks a lot like late, great movie star Charles Bronson, first caught our attention in the trailer for writer/director Rene Perez's horror Western FROM HELL TO THE WILD WEST. Although Bronson has been gone since 2003, it was like this film was giving us a chance to (pretend that we could) see him back in action. Now Perez and Bronzi are re-teaming for a project that sounds absolutely perfect for someone who looks so much like Bronson - an action revenge thriller titled DEATH KISS.

Details on the plot of DEATH KISS have not yet been revealed, but I'm already more excited for this film that I am for the upcoming DEATH WISH remake starring Bruce Willis.

Currently filming in northern California, DEATH KISS co-stars Eva Hamilton, Daniel Baldwin, and Richard Tyson.

The project is being produced by Jeff Miller, whose credits include AXE GIANT: THE WRATH OF PAUL BUNYAN, CLOWNTOWN, THE BURNING DEAD, THE TOYBOXOUIJA HOUSE, and INOPERABLE.

We'll let you know more about DEATH KISS when the information is made available.

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