Danny Trejo fights volcano zombies in The Burning Dead, out this spring

Headline says it all, no? THE BURNING DEAD is a movie about an ancient zombie curse unleashed by a volcano. Or something like that. Hadn't heard about it before, but it's just been announced that it'll be arriving on March 3rd on digital with the DVD hitting the street on April 7th.

THE BURNING DEAD is about a sheriff who must rescue an estranged family from a volcano eruption and fight off a horde of lava-filled zombies that have shot out of the mountain, brought to life by a curse.

Next year's Oscar race is already heating up!

Other cast includes Tom Downey (AXE GIANT, SORORITY PARTY MASSACRE), Moniqua Plante (“Nashville”), Robert F. Lyons (DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW, 10 TO MIDNIGHT), Nicole Cummins (LOGAN), Kevin Norman (“Melissa & Joey”), Kyle T. Heffner (RUNAWAY TRAIN, “Bizarro George” from “Seinfeld”), Julia Lehman (CHEERLEADER MASSACRE 2), Tom Nagel (HILLSIDE CANNIBALS), Jenny Lin (PIRANHACONDA), Robert Amstler (ALIEN SHOWDOWN), and Morgan Lester (JOHN CARTER).

Trejo plays "a Native American warrior who knows perhaps too much about the cursed mountain range." Intriguing!

Check out the trailer for THE BURNING DEAD below; it's pretty much art.



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