The Little Mermaid gets an R-rated horror adaptation

A horror version of The Little Mermaid, written and directed by Leigh Scott, has earned an R rating for violence

The Little Mermaid horror

The latest batch of movie ratings decided upon by the Motion Picture Association ratings board were revealed today, with R ratings going to the likes of The Exorcism, The Strangers: Chapter 1, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga… and something a bit less expected. A new adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen story The Little Mermaid is coming our way from Grindstone Entertainment Group, and it has earned an R rating for language, some violence and brief nudity. As it turns out, this is a horror take on The Little Mermaid that has been written and directed by Leigh Scott, whose previous credits include Frankenstein Reborn, The Beast of Bray Road, Exorcism: The Possession of Gail Bowers, Hillside Cannibals, The Hitchhiker, Transmorphers, Flu Bird Horror, Dorothy and the Witches of Oz, and Piranha Sharks, among other things.

MSR Media International shares that Scott’s take on The Little Mermaid has the following synopsis: Dr. Eric Prince, an archaeologist, makes a dramatic discovery on a small Caribbean island—proof of an ancient, advanced prehistoric society. While his dig is in progress, he meets the mysterious and beautiful Aurora Bey and falls in love. Her arrival coincides with several mermaid sightings and strange disappearances. When Eric’s friend and mentor, Dr. Ashley, arrives on the island, Ashley uncovers the true identity of Aurora and the dangers of the hidden evil inside Eric’s dig site. Will Eric heed his friend’s advice, or will he be blinded by love and the power of the siren, allowing the world to fall to the forces of evil?

A trailer for the film can also be found on the MSR Media International website.

The Little Mermaid stars Mike Markoff (When Jack Came Back), Wayne Gordon (Into the Badlands), Jeff Denton (The Toybox), Winston Crooke (Christmas in the Caribbean), Dwayne Strawn (The Island), Samuel Selman (Temptation Under the Sun), Sean-Michael Argo (The Bleeding Game), and newcomer Manon Laurent, with newcomer Lydia Helen as the mermaid Aurora. A casting call for the Aurora part gave this description: “A mermaid who comes into the world of man for nefarious purposes. She must fall in love, then betray and murder the man in order to bring her evil plans to life.

A release date for The Little Mermaid has not yet been announced… but it shouldn’t be far off, since the movie has a trailer and a rating.

Are you interested in seeing an R-rated horror version of The Little Mermaid? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below.

The Little Mermaid horror

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