Check out four new "Walking Dead" images courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly obviously has their finger on the pulse (pun in tended) of "The Walking Dead." Yesterday they brought us the news that Dallas Roberts had joined the cast as a new character named "Milton," and now we've got a sneak peek at the magazine's four new covers, which you can see below.

Obviously, you've got Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), as sweaty and conflicted as ever; Michonne (Danai Gurira) and her two zombie pals; The Governor (David Morrissey), confidently wielding a large knife; and, last but absolutely not least, you have the brothers Dixon, Daryl and Merle (Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker). Merle is sporting his spiffy new "hand," which is a glorious sight to behold.

All of the covers are great, but let's not pretend you want anything other than the one with Reedus and Rooker.

To go along with these fresh images, we've got some words from executive producer Robert Kirkman regarding what we can expect after our survivors encounter their new habitat, the prison: "This season really is about setting up these two worlds and watching them come to a head and collide. And you know that there are going to be some pretty explosive encounters between Rick and the Governor. This season is going to be about getting to know these two characters, and then waiting for their eventual confrontation that could destroy everything.”

"The Walking Dead" returns on OCTOBER 14th.

Extra Tidbit: Why doesn't Carl have his own cover? Because he kept wandering off.
Source: EW



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