Cool Horror Gear: Regan and Evil Ed Cuddle Creeps pillows!

Looking for someone - or something - to cuddle up to as the weather turns chilly? If you act fast you can order yourself some Cuddle Creeps! Austin-based entertainment blog Strange Kids Club has launched a new line of comically evil printed pillows. 

Kicking off this first wave of Cuddle Creeps are Regan and Ed from THE EXORCIST and FRIGHT NIGHT, respectively; two soft and cuddly stuffed terrors ready to feed on your nightmares. Each character has a distinct personality and features a hilarious biography that's a tongue-in-cheek twist on their horrific origin:

REGAN: Whether psychic or just psycho remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: Her PJs are soiled and hard to keep clean. While her language is vile Regan is actually just shy, Her best buddy is Satan who she claims isn't such a bad guy. She can see into your soul and knows your greatest sin, But that's not her only party trick...she can also make her head spin.

ED: Ed's a backstabbing buddy who's sneaky and morbid, His weird sense of humor is often wicked and horrid. His friends called him "Evil" and then it came true, No wonder poor Ed is so lonely and feeling so blue. Now he's a vampire who likes to scare up a quick bite, Chances are if he's hungry you're in for a night full of fright.

A monstrous mash-up of cinematic villains and popular mid-80s stuffed toys, each handmade Cuddle Creeps pillow sports a vile visage illustrated by Nik Holmes. Available now, the first two pillows in the series retail for $35.00 (MSRP) and are approximately 24" tall by 28" wide. order your own Cuddle Creep right HERE.



Source: Horror Decor



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