Cool Horror Gear: The Thing board game

Game Night just got a whole hell of a lot cooler.

Now, I'm not one of those guys that is against Game Night, but usually, we all tend to sit around and play Cards Against Humanity, or depending on the present company, Apples to Godd*amn Apples. But all the same, every once in a while a new board game will sneak its way in.

And I'm going to slay everyone at the next get together I promise you that. I'm joking. They don't allow me a Game Night anymore. Not after what I did to that stupid Chess Master computer. Cheating bitch.

The new game is based on John Carpenter's THE THING and you can check out all the details below!


The game takes place at the start of the bleak, desolate Antarctic winter when a group of NSF researchers manning the claustrophobic, isolated U.S. Outpost 31 comes into contact with a hostile extraterrestrial life-form. Bent on assimilating Earth’s native species, this being infiltrates the facility — creating a perfect imitation of one of the Outpost 31 crew. The staff frantically begin a sweep of the base, desperate to purge this alien infection before escaping to warn McMurdo Station that somewhere, out there in the frigid darkness, something horrible is waiting.

The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 is the first board collaboration between art gallery and movie merchandise online store Mondo and USAopoly’s designer games division, Project Raygun. The regular version of the game will be in stores and online nationwide this October and a limited edition Mondo exclusive version will be available at MondoTees.com.

The regular version of the game features artwork and designs by Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative. The Mondo exclusive version is limited to 1,982 copies, and features different packaging artwork by the artist Jock. The limited edition game will also come with a Mondo print, enamel pin and two additional sculpted movers: ‘The Norwegian character’ and ‘The Palmer Thing.’

Dood! Every single one of those things sounds one-hundred times cooler than Apples Against Humanity or whatever that bullsh*t is called. I'm going to try and get my hands on one of those limited 1,982 copies (get it? 1982) and I am going to force all of my friends and their lame husbands/wives to play this sh*t until morning's light.

You can check out all the first-look pics of the game below. Enjoy!

The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 will be unleashed this October.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead was in THE THING remake for some reason.

Extra Tidbit: I had a personal THE THING game for a while. I'd tie up by brothers, draw blood, and then stick hot wires into said blood. My mother put a stop to take one pretty quick though.



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