Friday the 13th: The NES Video Game Fan Film is as cool as it sounds

Early today I was talking about how at this point, with Paramount (or whoever) losing their guts to make another FRIDAY THE 13TH flick, it is up to the fans to say "Fu*k it" and get out there and start making the Jason movies we want to see. 

So what if you won't get paid millions for your work? I bet you anything that if you jump on this now and get to work on a killer FRIDAY THE 13TH short, or better yet - to those other crazy-motivated souls out there - a whole new FRIDAY THE 13TH film, you will get the attention you're looking for. Hollywood will come a knocking.

Just not for the next FRIDAY THE 13TH. 

But, hey, you never know. Shoot for the sky and you'll land among the stars, or some sh*t like that, right? I don't know. Listen to me preach. Why aren't I out walking the walk instead of typing the type. Well, you never know. Maybe I am. Beat me to it. I dare you.

I just really want to see a new FRIDAY THE 13TH movie. Don't let me talk you into doing anything crazy here. But, for real, go make the new FRIDAY THE 13TH movie. We all can't wait to see it.

Until then, I'll throw at you guys another FRIDAY FAN FLICK, this time a super-cool adaptation of the popular NES game from back in the day. Complete with zombie-camper things. Whatever the hell those things were.



Extra Tidbit: Why are you reading this? Go make a FRIDAY THE 13TH flick and send it to me.



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