Cool Horror Videos: Tales from the Crypt ep And All Through the House!

Since news is slow moving today (well, news that has nothing to do with how much goddamn money STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS is making), I figured I'd leave this cookie out for your enjoyment: the 1989 Tales from the Crypt episode AND ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE, uncut and looking pretty good. This was a remake of the opening segment of the 1972 movie, and while I do love that as well, this one's just a bit more ghoulishly enjoyable.

The ep was the second ever Crypt aired on HBO in 1989 and the behind-the-scenes crew was quote impressive: Directed by future Oscar winner Robert Zemeckis, photographed by HALLOWEEN and BACK TO THE FUTURE's Dean Cundey, music by Alan Silvestri (PREDATOR, BACK TO THE FUTURE), scripted by Fred Dekker (MONSTER SQUAD) and starring 80s movie stalwarts Mary Ellen Trainor, Marshall Bell and, of course, Larry Drake as the ugliest man to ever don a St. Nick costume.

This is one of the most enjoyable killer Santa thrillers ever - not to mention just top-notch television - so if you somehow haven't seen it, now's the perfect time!

Extra Tidbit: Is this one of your favorite Tales from the Crypt episodes?



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