Cool Horror Videos: Uwe Boll tells us all to f*ck ourselves

Legendary auteur Uwe Boll is mad as hell and he's not taking it anymore. The always-entertaining director recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for RAMPAGE 3 and it is looking like it will fall well short of its goal. With only three days left to go, the sequel has amassed less than half of its target $55,000. Safe to say, Boll is displeased.

In a short but sweet (?) video posted to his YouTube channel, Boll rants for a minute and a half about his failed campaign, telling us all - the fans, Hollywood, Kickstarter, whoever may be listening - to f*ck ourselves. The video itself is titled, "F*ck you all." Roger that!

Look at it this way, Uwe, there is still three more days to go; all this press might just put you over the top after all! (And if we know Uwe, we know he doesn't mind publicity, so perhaps this is all part of the plan.) I personally think it's more likely you'd raise $55,000 if you were attempting to kickstart your own talkshow; now that is something we'd all watch.


Source: Uwe Boll



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