Crazy Heart's Scott Cooper to direct dark revenge thriller The Low Dweller

Coming off a 2010 award-season whirlwind, actor-turned-director Scott Cooper (CRAZY HEART) is now setting his keen eye on a dark revenge thriller called THE LOW DWELLER for Relativity Media. Sounds like a solid story, so why not run this shite here at AITH?!?

Written by Brad Ingelsby, THE LOW DWELLER was one of the most sought after spec-scripts of 2008, with a bidding war ending in Relativity's six figure offer. At that time, the deal had Leo DiCaprio attached to star and Ridley Scott slated to direct. Now however, DiCaprio will merely produce through his Appian Way eave, with Cooper (seen above there with Jeff Bridges) getting a crack to direct.

Drawing comparisons to the leanness of NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, Deadline calls THE LOW DWELLER a dark drama set in 1986 Indiana. The protagonist is Slim, a man released after serving years in prison for murder who wants only to follow through on his promise to marry his long-suffering girlfriend. But when he discovers his brother has been murdered after getting involved in a gambling racket, his goals change and he avenges the murder.

Not a bad little thread, ay? I personally dig the 1986 Indiana setting. Don't know why, but I always like movies that are set in the recent past, a la DONNIE DARKO. We shall see if Cooper can make THE LOW DWELLER as intriguing.

What says you? Diggin' the premise or does it sound a little too tired?

CRAZY HEART'S Maggie Gyllenhaal!

Extra Tidbit: Scott Cooper wrote and acted in the 2009 horror/thriller FOR SALE BY OWNER.
Source: Deadline



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