Dakota Johnson front and center in new Suspiria poster

Director Luca Guadagnino’s remake of Dario Argento's SUSPIRIA finally hits theaters via Amazon Studios November 2nd. And today we have an all-new poster for the film featuring the remake's new Susie Bannion, Dakota Johnson.

What I find interesting about this particular poster is not only does it appear to be the first in a new line of character posters, but it looks as if it is trying to appeal to the masses (aka all those 50 SHADES OF GREY fans out there).

Boy, are THEY going to be surprised when they watch this new film... You can check out the new character poster for yourself below. Director Luca Guadagnino's much-anticipated remake stars Tilda Swinton, Dakota Johnson, and Chloë Grace Moretz. This controversial remake follows a tale that begins

As a darkness builds at the center of a world-renown dance company, its artistic director (Swinton), a young American new to the troupe (Johnson), and a grieving psychotherapist (Ebersdorf) become entangled in a bloody, sighing nightmare.

The remake is rated R for "disturbing content involving ritualistic violence, bloody images, and graphic nudity, and for some language including sexual references." You can check out the Golbin re-cut trailer below and then make sure to mark your calendars as this hard R remake finally hits theaters via Amazon Studios November 2, 2018.

Extra Tidbit: I wonder who gets character poster next?
Source: AITH



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