Did Ash really almost kill off Freddy in Freddy Vs. Jason sequel? Proof!

So here's a pretty cool tidbit from yore...

Our pals over at B-D recently got a hold of a rare internal memo from creative exec Jeff Katz, who worked on the 2003 hit mashup FREDDY VS. JASON. In the document, which you can find HERE, you'll read some fascinating details about musings of Ash from the EVIL DEAD films being part of a sequel to the slasher mashup. And while FREDDY VS. JASON VS. ASH never quite materialized on the big-screen, the memo shows that the idea was not only very close to becoming reality, but if it did, Ash would have likely been the one to put the death knell in Freddy Krueger. How f*cking rad would that be?!

Other revelations include the legend Robert Englund being sick of undergoing the grueling makeup job of Freddy Krueger, and that it was his idea to have Ash kill him off for good. Peep the quote below!

“Per our conversations with him [Englund] in the past, he agrees that the fans will embrace and accept the idea of Ash killing off our burned villain for good, as opposed to their reaction should a 16-year-old virgin girl do the job (again).

What could have, should have been, right? After seeing some supoort for this idea by New Line execs, ultimately a deal with Sam Raimi could not be struck, and the idea of a FREDDY VS. JASON VS. ASH idea was scrapped in favor of the 2010 ELM STREET redo. I'm guessing, in retrospect, they'd opt to do the whole damn thing over again. Especially considering how popular Ash Vs.The Evil Dead has proven to be.

Give the whole document a look and then spill some blood on what you discover. You think Ash killing Freddy would have been a good idea? Is it still?

ELM STREET remake star Katie Cassidy!

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