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Osgood Perkins' first two directorial efforts, THE BLACKCOAT'S DAUGHTER (a.k.a. FEBRUARY) and I AM THE PRETTY THING THAT LIVES IN THE HOUSE, have their fans, but I wouldn't count myself among them. At least THE BLACKCOAT'S DAUGHTER (pictured above) was somewhat interesting, but PRETTY THING didn't do anything for me at all.

Perkins is now gearing up to make his third feature, having signed on to direct A HEAD FULL OF GHOSTS for Focus Features. Based on a thriller novel written by Paul Tremblay, the film will tell the story of

Merry, who 20 years after her family was publicly consumed and destroyed by her teenage sister’s mysterious and horrific affliction, is approached by a journalist to tell the story in her own words. She reveals a far more terrifying version of what really happened in her childhood home.

In addition to directing, Perkins will also be rewriting the screenplay by SiREN / SUPER DARK TIMES duo Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski. 

A HEAD FULL OF GHOSTS is being produced by David Gambino, Daniel Dubiecki and Lara Alameddine of The Allegiance Theater, and Team Downey's Susan Downey and Robert Downey Jr.

I haven't read Tremblay's novel, but I'm hoping this adaptation will be a little more eventful than the movies Perkins has made before. If you'd like to buy a copy of the novel, you can do so on Amazon.

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