Remake of Stephen King's Cujo given baffling new title

In a recent press release, Sunn Classic Pictures revealed that a remake of their classic 1983 Stephen King adaptation CUJO is underway with Lang Elliott (CAGE) attached to direct. The film is set to star DJ Perry, an independent producer and actor and CEO of Collective Development, Inc.

The current title for the reboot is C.U.J.O., which stands for "Canine Unit Joint Operations," and I wish I could tell you this was a prank, but honestly I don't think I'm clever enough to come up with something this ridiculous even if it was.

All we can do right now is speculate as to what that title is supposed to mean. Luckily they've given us a definition to the acronym, so we can assume Cujo is not going to be some sort of futuristic robot, thank all that is good and truthful, but it looks like Cujo will either be the result of, an operative for, or a target of some sort of police or military operation. I'm open to a crazy, campy shootout killer dog flick, but why don't we just leave Cujo alone? He's a good boy. He's had his day.

DJ Perry
Extra Tidbit: What do you think this new Cujo will be about?



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