Don Mancini is storyboarding Chucky 7

Chucky 7 Don Mancini Fiona Dourif Jennifer Tilly

Back in July, I reported the latest rumors that were fluttering around Twitter on CHUCKY 7, but what you might not know is that CURSE OF CHUCKY star Fiona Dourif herself actually responded to the article. Here's that Tweet, from back in July:

It's only two months later, and series writer/director Don Mancini has taken to Twitter once more, sharing an image of his storyboarding for the film. Obviously, this is far from a confirmation that the movie is actually happening, but the frequency at which these tweets are occuring has been speeding up, which is definitely reassuring.

Compound that with the clear enthusiasm that both Fiona Dourif and Jennifer Tilly have displayed for the project, and you can project a future in which an official CHUCKY 7 announcement is right around the corner. Fingers crossed!

Check out the storyboard photo below! For the record, he's using the Glen puppet from SEED OF CHUCKY, but he's just on hand to double for his father Chucky, who's presumably busy with pre-production. This doesn't mean Glen is in the film, which isn't tremendously disappointing. Although I do love how Mancini has easy access to that particular doll, all these years later.

Extra Tidbit: Who would you want to see in a new CHUCKY movie?
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