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Seed Of Chucky(2004)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Don Mancini

Brad Douriff/Chucky
Jennifer Tilly/Herself/Tiffany
John Waters/Sleazy Reporter
7 10
Chucky (Dourif) and Tiffany (Tilly) are brought back to life on a film shoot (chronicling the legend of the dolls’ exploits no less) by their gender-bender offspring Glen (Boyd). The “Chucky Family” then proceeds to slay Hollywood while attempting to transfer their souls into new bodies. Who’s body you may ask? Well one of them is Jennifer Tilly’s who is playing Jennifer Tilly with huge knockers! Who wouldn’t want to get into that? Will Chucky get lucky…again?

Oh, God bless the little people! — Sleazy Reporter

This infant has been in the making for a long time! I still remember talking to writer/director Don Mancini years ago about how the head of Universal “Stacey Snider” brushed off “Seed of Chucky” because she didn’t care for horror movies. Well today is the day! Congratulations Don! Your child is finally walking by himself like a big boy ready to make a killing!

Seed of Chucky proudly wore its R Rating on its sleeve and I Cabbage Patch Kissed its ass for it. Ever heard of: strong horror, violence/gore, sexual content and language? Let me run that by you again; strong horror, violence/gore, sexual content and language? EXACTLY! This fifth entry in the popular Child’s Play franchise was one hell of a warped ride! I can’t believe that half of what I saw actually made it past the censors! Now I’m not talking so much in terms of gore (although the flick did get mucho Bright Light Red), I mean the ultra twisted/nasty situations the narrative set up and actually carried out all the way. The perverted humor and sexual “hi-jinx” in this film often deliciously pushed the envelope when it came to good taste (can you spell "doll sperm"...yuk). Mancini went all out and then some! YOU GO BOY!

This bad seed went on to pop more knee caps on many levels. First, the dialogue was razor sharp and so much damn fun! Chucky and his kin were GREAT company to have over! I could hang out with them for months! Then there was the Hollywood setting which gave way to a couple of witty circumstances (take that Britney). Furthermore, the “this is real life” nature of the story (think “Wes Craven’s New Nightmare”) injected the affair with that dose of “oomph” and freshness that any fourth sequel needs. Good move! The “Doll Family” dynamic going on was quite the treat as well! If it wasn’t Chucky’s sudden fatherly instincts jazzing me, it was Glen’s gender confusion cracking me up (Glen looked exactly like Michael Jackson…lol) or Tiffany’s attempts at kicking the “slash, slash” habit putting the screws on me. Add to all that sweeter than sweet bonbon; extreme gore (the beheading rocked), stellar special effects, movie references galore (loved The Shining one), a couple of slick cameos (John Waters is the man!) and a ballsy cap-off (FINALLY!) and you get a creative, outlandish and twisted-sister barrel of fun!

On the strawberry side of the shortcake, the bulk of the film was mostly about the doll family interaction, therefore sacrificing extensive action in the name of dialogue exchanges and giggles. Now don’t get me wrong I was entertained throughout no doubt, but I still craved seeing Chucky do more damage solo, more “out of the house” shenanigans and additional “in Hollywood” mayhem (they didn’t milk that angle enough). Seed played it more on a “low key” note for better and for worse. And what was up with that Joan (Spearritt) subplot? It didn’t go far enough in what it established. My last peeve was minor; Redman. Like really….Redman? I guess Kriss-Kross couldn’t make it. They should’ve gotten a more “high profile” star for his role it would’ve given the bits more impact. But that’s just me yapping.

All in all Seed of Chucky was an easy, messy, raunchy and very funny watch. Sure I missed the location and action heavy attitude that “Bride of Chucky” displayed but I had a hoot with this killer sperm none the less! GIVE CHUCKY THE FATHER OF THE YEAR AWARD! HE DESERVES IT!
Chucky doubled dipped in ketchup in this one! We’re treated with lots of plasma drenched stabbings, a wild beheading (the highlight kill of the film for me), an acid melted face (NICE!), a burned face, a gross evisceration (OUCH!), some doll dismemberments via an axe and more! The doll effects we’re also amazing! We’ve come a long way from the midget in a suit from the first Child’s Play that’s for sure! I bought that these dolls were alive HANDS DOWN!
Brad Dourif (Chucky) was spot-on once more as the voice of the psycho doll. His delivery was impeccable! Jennifer Tilly (Jennifer/Tiffany) aced both her roles and I got off on hearing Tilly having exchanges with Doll Tilly; trippy stuff! Billy Boyd (Glenn) worked as the voice of the he/she child. I guess Redman (Redman) played Redman well; I fell asleep during “How High”. Hannah Spearritt (Joan) was credible and cute as a button. John Waters (Sleazy Reporter) was ideal in the sleeze-ball role! Good choice!
T & A
We get an early tit shot, Jennifer Tilly’s abundant cleavage bursting through the scenery throughout, a little Tiffany tit action (that doll is stacked) while the ladies get Chucky playing with the Ken Doll in his overhauls (wait till you see what magazine he’s using…lol!). NOTE: Too bad Hannah Spearritt didn’t “S Club 7” her top off! She’s a cutie!
Don Mancini handled his feature length directorial debut like a veteran! He showcased a strong handle on pacing, a knack for atmosphere, stylish camera movements (loved that POV doll opening) and kool angles. Good job!
We get a decent score and a couple of background Pop/Rock tunes. Nothing standout, nothing annoying.
Let’s face it, Seed of Chucky was an off the wall comedy with major blood shed, not a horror movie. Keep that in mind going in. Personally, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Child’s Play franchise. Hearing Brad Dourif do the Chucky voice almost brings a tear to my eye and a boner in my Jeans every time. So yeah, I square-danced to “Seed of Chucky” with a big freaking smile on my stupid face. The screenplay was mucho clever, the kills grisly, the humor cranked to “out of line” and the directing polished. Granted I would’ve liked more physical action, locations and milking of the Hollywood setting but all in all I still truly enjoyed my time with the “Chucky Family”. I’m already yearning for the next “Chucky” installment where I can’t wait to see where they’ll take the set-up “Seed” ended with. AWESOME STUFF! See ya soon dolls? I hope so!
The flick was shot in Romania and Los Angeles.

Don Mancini’s only other directing credit is for a Tales from the Crypt episode ("Fitting Punishment")

Don Mancini was the screenwriter behind all 5 “Child’s Play” movies.

Nadia Dina played Britney Spears in the film…not Britney Spears.