Don Mancini officially working on Child's Play TV series!

Awesome news here today as it turns out writer-director Don Mancini and long-time CHILD'S PLAY producer David Kirschner recently broke some crazy-awesome news to the guys over at B-D that they are currently working on bringing the CHILD'S PLAY franchise to the small screen via a new TV series.

Not only that but Mancini made sure to confirm that Brad Dourif will return as the voice of Chucky, while Kirschner added that "it won’t be a reboot and will be a continuation story". Sweet. Mancini told B-D that the series was “deliberately set up at end of the last movie,” then added the “tone is dark and disturbing.”

Don Mancini:

We plan to use Child’s Play in the title. We want to definitely signal that we are going dark, darker than ever before. It’s going to be very creepy.

The fact that they are going with CHILD'S PLAY this time (and not "SOMETHING OR ANOTHER OF CHUCKY) not only means that the series will take a darker, scarier tone, but the reason all of the sequels after CHILD'S PLAY 3 jettisoned the title was because of rights issues. Guess all of that got cleared up. Good to know.

How f*cking excited are YOU about a CHILD'S PLAY TV series? Make sure to hit us up and let us know in the comments below or on social media.

We'll let you know as soon as we hear more of CHILD'S PLAY: THE TV SERIES so stay tuned! 

Extra Tidbit: Netflix?
Source: B-D



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