Don Mancini shares a photo from the set of Chucky 7!

Don Mancini Jennifer Tilly Chucky 7 Fiona Dourif

CHILD'S PLAY franchise writer/director Don Mancini has been fanning the flames of online rumors about a pending CHUCKY 7 for some time, but the most recent developments have been getting more and more promising. Last time, we caught a glimpse into his storyboarding process, but today he... Well, he shared a photo from the set of CURSE OF CHUCKY.

As always, the caption is the most exciting part: "Chucky is finally coming home!" In his Tweet he tagged CURSE stars Fiona Dourif (daughter of the little dude himself), Summer H. Howell, Jennifer Tilly, and Alex Vincent, who returned to the franchise after his appearance as Andy Barclay in the first two films.

Again, this is by no means an official indication that the film is actively in production, but we're getting closer and closer to an announcement, I can just smell it. Check out the tweet below!

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