Eli Roth shooting Thanksgiving next month?!

Okay. So today I was checking around for stories and Production Weekly over on Instagram posted a pic of Eli Roth with a caption that read: "Updated production schedule for Eli Roth's upcoming horror project, Roth directs from a script he wrote with Jeff Rendell (Cabin Fever). Principle photography in Massachusetts begins later next month." Is this "untitled horror project" the long-awaited full-length feature based on his GRINDHOUSE trailer THANKSGIVING?!

I think it might be. And here's why. 

First, it says the film is written by Roth and Jeff Rendell. The only writing credit Rendell has over on IMDb is for THANKSGIVING (he also played The Pilgrim in the trailer). Second, Production Weekly's post (which you can see below) says the movie will be filming in Massachusetts. And if you remember the voice-over from the trailer, it says that the movie is set in Plymouth Massachusetts.

This is more than coincidence, right? 

I think so. After all, more than a few horror filmmakers have made secret films in the past few years with Adam Green's VICTOR CROWLEY being one of many. It makes sense then that Roth would want to get in on the action and bring us all the number one movie we've been wanting to see him make since April of 2007. So, is Eli Roth secretly planning to finally shoot THANKSGIVING next month? I guess we'll see soon enough...

This is fucking awesome.



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