Elvira vs Zombies in new Call of Duty game


Let's start this out by getting two things straight: I'm a big fan of Elvira('s boobs) and I don't play video games (other than FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE GAME) so if I miss a bit of lingo here and there, forgive a brother. My interests are specific.

Anyhow, if there was another game that might get me back in the game chair (other than F13TH: THE GAME) it very well might be this new one by Activision. 

Now here is where my terms may get a bit muddy; turns out there is a new DLC (downloadable content, right?) coming our way for Call of Duty: Absolution. The new bits with feature a game called ATTACK OF THE RADIOACTIVE THING! Which is set to be a Joe Dante-style zombie romp through the 50s.

Not only that, but MISTRESS OF THE DARK herself Elvira is set to be a character!

Yes, not only with Elvira be in the new game, but she will be voiced by Cassandra Peterson! The only thing cooler would be if you could play AS Elvira, which unfortunately doesn't seem to be the case. At least not at the moment.

ATTACK OF THE RADIOACTIVE THING! rundown via Activision:

The twisted and enigmatic film director Willard Wyler is up to his shenanigans once again, and this time he’s zapped our fearless foursome of heroes into the 1950s with a campy horror experience titled Attack of the Radioactive Thing! The plot of this film follows a clumsy government science experiment gone wrong, turning an unsuspecting suburban populace into flesh-devouring zombies, while a newly spawned biological menace moves into the ravaged town.

This action-packed chapter comes in the style of the Creature Feature movies of the era and is headlined by none other than horror movie icon Elvira, played with voice and likeness by Cassandra Peterson. She will help players (hopefully) survive by giving them tips and side quests, all in her unique Elvira style, as they attempt to make it through this science experiment from hell.

Stepping into brand-new roles, our four intrepid cast of characters will become The Scientist, The Rebel, The Soldier, and The School Girl as they battle all-new zombies while sporting classically cool 1950s attire. If you’re hip to that jive, then just try to stay alive in Attack of the Radioactive Thing!

What do you think of Elvira vs Zombie in ATTACK OF THE RADIOACTIVE THING!? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram! For more info on the game, visit Activision's blog RIGHT HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Now I want a full-on ELVIRA video game.
Source: Activision



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