Exclusive: Collins and Flanery take on werewolves in Howlers

The SNIPER franchise's Chad Michael Collins (pictured above) and BOONDOCK SAINTS' Sean Patrick Flanery have signed on to star in the action/horror werewolf movie HOWLERS, which has a synopsis that sounds awesome to me: 

HOWLERS tells the story of a mysterious monster hunter from the old west who returns from the grave to stop a bloodthirsty werewolf motorcycle gang from terrorizing a small town.

To me, the concept of an undead cowboy taking on a werewolf motorcyle gang is just about as cool as it gets. The best way to make it even cooler? Namecheck John Carpenter as an inspiration, as writer/director Josh Ridgway does when describing his film as "BLADE meets WYATT EARP in a small town, combining elements of action, horror and camp in the tradition of John Carpenter."

Collins will be playing Colt, the werewolf fighter from the old west who continues his battle against the lycanthropes in present day. He and Flanery are joined in the cast by Matthew Tompkins and Chelsea Edmundson (pictured below).

Heath Calhoun, Greg Fussell, and James Provence are producing HOWLERS with stunt coordinator Freddie Poole. Filming will commence in Dallas, Texas in March.

Extra Tidbit: How does HOWLERS sound to you?



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