Filming begins on Paul Hyett's Heretiks

We've been hearing the name of special effects artist/director Paul Hyett quite often recently. Hyett made his directorial debut with the revenge thriller THE SEASONING HOUSE, and has followed that up with the "werewolves on a train" movie HOWL. He is one of the filmmakers who will be contributing a segment to the anthology film ITS WALLS WERE BLOOD, and is working on getting a rabid dog movie called THE POOL off the ground. It looks like he's going to be sticking with genre projects for the foreseeable future, and his dedication to things thrilling and horrific is further confirmed by the fact that he has just begun principal photography on a supernatural horror movie entitled HERETIKS.

Hyett is directing HERETIKS from a screenplay he co-wrote with Conal Palmer. The story, conceived by Gregory Blair, is set during the 17th century and centers on 

a young woman who is saved from execution and led to a priory to repent her sins but discovers a greater evil lies within.

Hyett describes the film as a "medieval character piece" and promises that it will showcase the latest in visual effects and contemporary cinematography.

Hannah Arterton (pictured above) stars with great character actor Michael Ironside and HELLRAISER's Clare Higgins. It will be fun to see Higgins dealing with supernatural horror again.

A co-production of Templeheart Films, EnMar Productions, Red Rock Entertainment, and Sterling Pictures, HERETIKS is expected to have a 2016 release. 

Extra Tidbit: How does HERETIKS sound to you?
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