The rabid dogs of Paul Hyett's The Pool head to AFM

We first heard about the killer dog movie THE POOL back in May of 2014, at which time the project was scheduled to go into production last fall with special effects artist/director Paul Hyett at the helm.

THE POOL didn't end up getting made last year, but it's sort of a win-win situation. The delay allowed Hyett to direct the awesome-looking "werewolves on a train" movie HOWL (pictured above) instead, and he remains attached to THE POOL, which is still in the works.

UK sales outfit The Salt Company will be presenting the project to distributors at the American Film Market next week, and have created some cool artwork, pictured below, to help lure in potential buyers.

Written by Johannes Roberts, Ernest Riera, and Hyett, THE POOL is set at 

a pool party at a luxury cliff top location that becomes a desperate fight for survival when the beloved family dog turns rabid.

That troubling scenario instantly brings to mind CUJO, but Salt is describing the movie as "JAWS meets PARANORMAL ACTIVITY". Unless Hyett is taking a found footage approach to this, I'm not sure how the story of a rabid dog terrorizing a party can be compared to PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, but we'll see how it goes.

Here's hoping deals will be made at AFM that will help get THE POOL into production very soon.

Extra Tidbit: How does THE POOL sound to you?
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