The Salt Company diving into Paul Hyett’s rabid dog horror The Pool

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Oh well, so much for being man's best friend…

UK sales outfit The Salt Company has boarded international rights to the rabid dog horror tale THE POOL, to be directed by Paul Hyett (THE SEASONING HOUSE, HOWL), according to Screen Daily.

It seems that the killer-dog subgenre may be making a bit of a comeback as we just reported on another film with canines as the antagonists with Nick Robertson's THE PACK. CUJO would be proud.

Written by Johannes Roberts and Ernest Riera (with revisions by Hyett, Conal Palmer and Steven Lally), and set to be produced by Tim Dennison of Tall Man Films, THE POOL follows…

…a pool party at a luxury cliff top location that becomes a desperate fight for survival when the beloved family dog turns rabid.

FX specialist Hyett, who has worked on hits including THE DESCENT and THE WOMAN IN BLACK, said:

“What elevates a horror into a classic is making the audience terrified of the everyday – in this case, man’s best friend.”

Hyett is handling FX for the project. The film is due to start shoot in autumn 2014 in Puerto Rico.

It'll be hard to top the fun had with CUJO

Source: Screen Daily

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