First look at Adam Schindler's Shut In, starring Beth Riesgraf

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What if you suffered from a form of agoraphobia that was so crippling that you couldn't escape your home when terror made its way inside? That's the idea behind the upcoming horror film SHUT IN, which we first told you about back in August of last year when "Leverage" star Beth Riesgraf joined the cast of the film alongside SCREAM 4's Rory Culkin, Martin Starr (VERONICA MARS) and Jack Kesy (Guillermo Del Toro’s "The Strain"). Now the film is set to premiere at this June's L.A. Film Festival and, along with that news, we've got your first look at Riesgraf in the thriller.

Adam Schindler, who wrote and produced the Brian Netto-helmed DELIVERY: THE BEAST WITHIN, directed from a script by TJ Cimfel and David White. Steven Schneider, whose credits include the horror films INSIDIOUS and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, is producing with Jeff Rice (LONE SURVIVOR), Lati Grobman and Erik Olsen.

Here's an early synopsis:

Anna suffers from agoraphobia so crippling that when a trio of criminals break into her house, she cannot bring herself to flee. But what the intruders don’t realize is that agoraphobia is not her only psychosis.

Executive producing are Christa Campbell, Matthew Lamothe, Tommy Vlahopoulos, Brian Netto and Vicarious Entertainment. 

Here's hoping we see a trailer for this one soon. It certianly sounds intriguing.

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