First Look: Keith David in Tales from the Hood 2

One of the best horror anthologies out there is Rusty Cundieff's TALES FROM THE HOOD. Not only is the film a horror blast of blood, gore, and a bit of the old ultraviolence, but it has a political undercurrent that makes it stand head and shoulders above many other such anthologies.

And so it makes a bit of sense then that all of us here at AITH are excited as hell (natch) for the upcoming sequel TALES FROM THE HOOD 2. This new entry is directed by Darin Scott (who produced an co-wrote the original film) and stars Keith David as Clarence Williams III's replacement this time around.

Williams III (see above) starred in the original film as:

A creepy mortician, Mr. Simms, who attempts to scare teenage drug dealer Stack (Joe Torry) and his friends straight by telling them four horrifying stories. One is about a guilt-riddled cop (Anthony Griffith) who goes crazy after ignoring his corrupt partner (Michael Massee). He also tells of a meek schoolboy (Brandon Hammond) with terrifying supernatural powers. Although the young thugs want to take their drugs and escape Mr. Simms, he still has two more tales to tell.

And today we have your first look at David as the film's new host with the most. The pic comes from Rusty Cundieff's Twitter account and you can check it out below. And not only that, but we also learned - again via Cundieff's Twitter - that Christopher Young (HELLRAISER, TALES FROM THE HOOD) will be returning to score the sequel as well. 

You can check out the tweets, along with the film's original poster and trailer, below and then get ready as we will hopefully be hearing word on just when the film will hit in the near future. Stay tuned!

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite segment from the original film?
Source: Twitter



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