Fox to get Haunted by new Chris Morgan series

Chris Morgan's career is all about fast cars. However, after having written five of the FAST AND FURIOUS films and executive produced the most recent two, it seems he wants a bit of a change of pace. He's already dipped a toe into the horror genre by producing and writing the story for THE VATICAN TAPES, but he's continuing his venture into shock entertainment on television.

 Morgan is producing Haunted, a new TV series being developed by Fox. The show, to be written by William Brent Bell (director of THE DEVIL INSIDE and the much more anticipated THE BOY), is based very loosely on the book THE DEMON OF BROWNSVILLE ROAD. The story goes like this:

Haunted is a chilling horror series about a military agent who is partnered with her ex-boyfriend, now a rogue demonologist, to help a family overcome a deadly demonic infestation of their home. The season-long case investigates the true story of one the most haunted houses in America. 

The believer-vs.-nonbeliever duo, by solving the mystery of the present, will solve the mystery of their damaged past. At its core the series will explore the age-old question, “Is evil real?”

I do wish the title was less boring, but this series seems to be combining the increasingly popular demonologist tales from films like THE CONJURING and reality TV shows like The Demon Files into a fictional serial. It's hardly a unique idea, though the change of medium might just do it good. More news as the story breaks!

Extra Tidbit: Have you read THE DEMON OF BROWNSVILLE ROAD?
Source: Deadline



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